Construction renovation

Benefits of renovation

1. You can start a new life in a new space.
2. Expected to increase the real estate value of condominiums.
3. Overcoming disadvantages and adding new features.

Renovation design and construction process

1. Receiving customer information and explaining services.
2. Survey construction.
3. Sign a design contract.
4. Suggest 2D layout.
5. Creating a 3D architectural perspective.
6. Implement technical drawings.
7. Quote and sign a construction contract



With a team of young designers who always aim to satisfy all requirements of customers, Jibannet Asia provides architectural drawing and rendering services such as rendering, perspective creation, video editing, and VR in many ways. Various software and applications for construction companies, contractors, design offices in Japan.

By grasping the market demand and constantly improving its capacity, technology – technical level, professional knowledge, Jibannet Asia is now expanding its market to other countries outside Japan.



With human resources fluent in Japanese, receiving the trust and entrustment of Japanese customers, Jibannet Asia deals with the following operations:

– Data entry and analysis of ground survey results

– Use data processing support tools to make survey reports, design reports on foundation reinforcement plans before construction.

– Perform tracking, order processing, quote generation and many other operations in the business process

– Use specialized software in the field of design and architecture such as Autocad, Architrend zero, JWCAD… to make drawing records.