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Jibannet Holdings Co.,Ltd

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Management Philosophy

Our aspiration is to create a peaceful and prosperous life, firmly grounded in the belief of
“Eliminating disadvantages of consumers”.

“Disadvantages of consumers” are occurring in various sectors of society.

The reason is that there are many cases in which consumers without specialized knowledge are provided with information unilaterally by suppliers with experienced and knowledgeable suppliers.

As a housing agency, we aim to fill this information gap by developing and providing products and services based on our high expertise and fair perspective.

Furthermore, through integrity, we will contribute to the creation of a comfortable and prosperous society by establishing a practical measurement that allows consumers to make the better choices.

10 Jibannet Principles

1. Think from the customer’s point of view and act for the peace of mind and satisfaction of our clients.

2. Continuously improve our products and services to make a lasting impression on customers.

3. Create unique products and services from the consumer’s viewpoint and become a pioneer.

4. Without fear of failure, courageously face challenges in pursuit of better outcomes.

5. Unite as a team with a common goal and act swiftly.

6. Possess macroscopic vision, aiming to become the No.1 housing brand.

7. Avoid evasion, never give up, and strive to the end with one’s own work. 8. Value the spirit of teamwork, progress together, and create a dynamic working environment.

9. Work with honesty and fairness to gain the trust of clients, business partners and shareholders.

10. Maintain high ethical standards and act as a responsible citizen for society.