JIBANNET ASIA will receive contracts to design and construct renovation projects for domestic projects.

Compare images before (left) and after renovation (right)

◆Using 3D modeling and creating perspective, we were able to organize meetings while the client was in Japan.

Through online meetings, we used 3D modelings and perspectives to propose ideas to investors, and received positive feedback from investors that “It’s good to be able to discuss, confirm the completed image of the project easily even though we are in Japan”.
JIBANNET ASIA both exchanged information with the investors, met and discussed with the design management in the company, along with preparing the construction unit, managing the construction and ordering and installing the furniture equipments.

~Main content of renovation~

Refloor, rearrange and replace kitchen/sink/toilet, install additional bathtub
Propose and design furniture plans according to your own design which are suitable for the space and support ordering

Construction is carried out after basing on perspective images, we present and receive approval from the investor on all detailed elements through online meetings.
For the construction unit, thanks to sharing the overall finished image through perspective images, the construction was completed as expected, without any errors that had to be corrected or redone.

Perspective image

◆Leverage experiences and achievements in architectural activities and develop new business activities

Up to now, JIBANNET ASIA has taken advantage of related technical technology for architecture and BIM application to receive orders for perspective and modeling for customers from Japan, but from now we will apply the strengths of BIM to take on renovation projects for customers/investors who are real estate owners living domestically and abroad, working hard with this new business activity in Vietnamese.

1. New space starts new life
2. Eliminate dissatisfaction, improve quality of life thanks to new functions
3. Increase the value of real estate.

1. Provided images and videos help to visualize the space and feel the project more realistically
2. Correspondence in both Japanese and Vietnamese
3. Conduct simply online discussions and negotiations.

1. Receive customer information and provide service consultation
2. Construction survey.
3. Sign a design contract
4. Create 2D designs, 3D perspectives and videos.
5. Propose a construction quote.
6. Sign the construction contract.

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